Happy Horse Buyer's Program

In order to ensure the best possible home for our foals, we offer up to $5,000 off the sale price if you meet certain verifiable conditions, including 24/7 turnout, life in a mixed herd, show homes, young riders, Tribute feed, and others (see below).

We are also happy to consider potential partnerships, sponsorship, and co-ownership opportunities. Feel free to reach out to discuss your proposal!


  • 24/7 Turnout: $2,000 off
  • Mixed herd of 3+ horses: $1,000 off
  • Show home: $1,000 off
  • Junior (under 25) $500 off
  • Professionally fitted saddle: $300 off
  • Tribute feed: $200 off

Please inquire to discuss your proposal:


We strive to provide upfront and fair pricing to potential buyers. Our prices and payment terms are negotiable to the perfect home; as mentioned above, we are always happy to consider potential partnerships, sponsorship, and co-ownership opportunities. 


  • In-Utero: $9,000
  • Weanling / Yearling: $12,500
  • 2-3 Years: $25,000
  • Under Saddle (Green): $40,000
  • Under Saddle With USEF Show Miles: $60,000+

Please inquire to discuss your proposal:


About Us

We began our journey into breeding and bloodlines in 2020, and soon thereafter began engaging in conversations with breeding programs across the country. After months of research, we identified a goal and breeding direction: an intelligent, graceful, courageous horse with beautiful movement, a powerful jump, and an easy temperament, wrought from generations of horses bred for the cavalry. 

To select our mares, we chose to continue the work of the most respected breeders in their country: Adele Furby, breeder of Shagya Arabians; Dr. Barbara Weber, breeder of Russian Warmbloods; Ken Borden Jr, breeder of champion dressage horses; Walter Tautermann and Shannon McCracken, breeders of Shagya Arabians;  and Zenda Farrell, breeder of Trakehners. Luckily, they were all in the Midwest and therefore accessible to us.

Our selection of stallions followed a different direction.  Where we expected the mare to bring temperament, athleticism, endurance, and an affinity to humans, we selected stallions that would add the jump without detracting from any of the mare’s qualities. Because jump is highly hereditary, we were confident that if the mare already had a decent jump, we could breed exceptional jumpers in F1, and then reinforce it in F2 and F3 without sacrificing the core qualities passed on by our foundation mares. Ultimately, our goal was to produce horses that would be beloved by their owners, and who could take them as far as they chose to go, even Grand Prix.

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