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Born 2005

16 hands

DNA: Endurance Type

Curious (2x variant)

Color Genetics: a/a, E/e, G/n


Smart and hardworking mare, one of the loveliest movers I’ve seen. Regal self-carriage. Very typey Gazal-line with long, graceful, willowy lines. Among the most successful nicks in US Shagya breeding: Starwalker/Shandor/Bravo.


Everlasting Star AF / Mare / Shagya Arabian / Grey // Registry: North American Shagya Arabian Society Starwalker / Stallion / Shagya Arabian / Grey // Registry: North American Shagya Arabian Society Amurath Samurai / Shagya Arabian Navarra / Shagya Arabian Sapphiro / Sha
24 Jussuf VII / Sha
Amurath Sadika / Shagya Arabian Gharib ox / Ara
Panama VII / Sha
Kornelia / Shagya Arabian Koheilan X-4 / Shagya Arabian Koheilan X / Sha
98 Shagya XXXII / Sha
56 Shagieh / Shagya Arabian 5433 Shagya XXXVI-11 / Sha
36 Gazal VII / Sha
Empress Ester / Mare / Shagya Arabian / Grey // Registry: North American Shagya Arabian Society Shandor / Shagya Arabian Shagal / Shagya Arabian 5433 Shagya XXXVI-11 / Sha
48 Siglavy Bagdady VI / Sha
Shagya XXXIX-2 / Shagya Arabian Shagya XXXIX / Sha
27 O\’Bajan XIII-3 / Sha
Echo Daal / Shagya Arabian Hungarian Bravo / Shagya Arabian Pilot ox / Ara
52 Gazal II-6 / Sha
Dolly\’s Echo ox / Purebred Arabian Fol Yasmeen ox / Ara
May-Daala ox / Ara
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SIRE: Starwalker / Shagya Arabian / 1998​

Starwalker (pictured above) was imported to the US by Adele Furby to serve as an improvement sire.

Starwalker’s sire *Amurath Samurai was born in Germany and was licensed and 100-day performance tested there. He subsequently was exported to Switzerland, and then later to Canada. Starwalker’s grandsire, Navarra, was one of the most successful Gazal-line stallions in Germany. His sire’s dam, Amurath Sadika, was a daughter of the black *Gharib, who was imported into Germany from Egypt and was also approved for Warmblood breeding in Germany. Amurath Sadika carries the precious blood of Amurath, and comes from a rare Yugoslavian mother line.

Starwalker’s dam is the beautiful *Kornelia. Bred in Denmark by master Shagya breeder Ulla Nyegaard (breeder of Shagal), *Kornelia is a daughter of the Babolna bred Koheilan I DK. His dam, 56 Shagieh, has an especially interesting pedigree. 56 Shagieh is the product of breeding Shagal’s grand-dam, 22 Gazal VII, to Shagal’s sire, the Babolna-bred Shagya XXXVI son, Shagya I DK.

In type as well as in pedigree, Starwalker is a representative of the Gazal type in the Shagya breed, being an elegant horse with long lines and an elegant neck. He has a strong, high-percentage Shagya pedigree: he throws only one purebred Arabian to his offspring in the 4th generation.

Text credit: Adele Furby


Empress Ester AF (pictured below) was the first foal bred by Adele Furby that combined her two foundation stallions, Shandor and Hungarian Bravo through the prolific Bravo daughter, Echo Daal. Echo Daal was out of the purebred Arabian Dolly’s Echo and was approved for Shagya breeding by Dr. Frielinghaus and Bruno Furrer. 

When Ester was born, Adele was so impressed with her quality and movement that she repeated the cross three further times. Echo Daal foaled Empress Eva in 1999, Empress Estelle in 2000, and the approved stallion Emperor Eric in 2001. Like all of Echo Daal’s foals, Ester was a big, kind, and a beautiful mover, qualities she passed on to her own foals. She produced one more foal after Evie, Evian Star AF.



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