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Born 2004

15 hands

DNA: Endurance Type

Curious (2x variant)

Color Genetics: A/a, E/e, G/n


Smart, loyal, strong mare with a deep propensity to bond with her people. Very correct conformation. Lovely mover with her sire’s endurance constitution and willingness to perform, as well as her damline’s beauty and grace.


Nina AF / Mare / Shagya Arabian / Black – Grey // Registry: North American Shagya Arabian Society Janos / Stallion / Shagya Arabian / Black // Registry: North American Shagya Arabian Society Salem / Shagya Arabian Jeremias / Shagya Arabian Silas / Sha
Judith / Sha
Pamina / Shagya Arabian Pamino / Sha
Gana / Sha
Bashira / Shagya Arabian Bakoni / Shagya Arabian Bajar / Sha
Babolna / Sha
Cawahi / Shagya Arabian Ibn Galal 17 / Sha
Cargo-2 / Sha
Niobe / Mare / Shagya Arabian / Grey // Registry: North American Shagya Arabian Society Balaton / Shagya Arabian Gazal VII / Shagya Arabian Gazal II / Sha
129 Shagya XXV / Sha
Babolna / Shagya Arabian O\’Bajan XIII / Sha
198 Kemir II-7
Nicola / Shagya Arabian Gazal VII / Shagya Arabian Gazal II / Sha
129 Shagya XXV / Sha
100 Shagya XXXII / Shagya Arabian Shagya XXXII / Sha
270 Shagya XXVI / Sha
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Janos (pictured above) was bred in Germany and imported to Canada. He was spotted by Adele Furby as a yearling and purchased as a stallion prospect. Janos’ dam *Bashira has a very recognizable pedigree; she is by a full brother of *Oman named Bakony, who had an endurance career in Germany, and her dam Cawahi was by an Ibn Galal son and out of a Cargo ox daughter born in Babolna. His sire *Salem was by Jeremias, who was one of Mrs. Pack’s younger stallions by the Amor son Silas and out of the equally-famous Judith, a Gazal VII daughter. Mrs. Pack was for many years the pre-eminent Shagya-Arabian breeder in Germany.

Janos began his endurance career in 2005 completing ten 50-mile rides his first season, placing Top 10 in half of them. His second season he had four Top 10 placings out of seven starts, and completed his first 100-mile ride. He was sold in 2007 to a Japanese millionaire, and unfortunately died several months later due to colic complications.

Text credit: Adele Furby


Nina’s dam is the Balaton daughter *Niobe (pictured below), an elegant mare who shows her Gazal breeding in her long and willowy lines. *Niobe is a granddaughter of Gazal VII on both sides of her pedigree, with plenty of Shagya-line breeding going to Shagya XVII, Radautz, 1903. This bloodline is well-known for producing exceptional riding-horse gaits.  Gazal VII (b. 1944) stood at stud at Bábolna, Hungary from 1953-1967. Exported to Germany in 1967, at stud 1967-1975. He produced 19 licensed sons in Germany which were used widely in many warmblood breeding programs, including Hanoverian, Trakehner, and Rheinland. His stallion performance test report stated “It is noticeable that at the hard stallion performance test all Gazal VII sons are in the top group and are superior by hardness, athletic elasticity and outstanding jumping potential and estimation skill.” Gazal VII was considered ‘stallion of the century.’

Text credit: Adele Furby and Alexander Park Trakehners



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