Happy Horse Buyer's Program

In order to ensure the best possible home for our foals, we offer up to $5,000 off the sale price if you meet certain verifiable conditions, including 24/7 turnout, life in a mixed herd, show homes, young riders, Tribute feed, and others (see below).

We are also happy to consider potential partnerships, sponsorship, and co-ownership opportunities. Feel free to reach out to discuss your proposal!


  • 24/7 Turnout: $2,000 off
  • Mixed herd of 3+ horses: $1,000 off
  • Show home: $1,000 off
  • Junior (under 25) $500 off
  • Professionally fitted saddle: $300 off
  • Tribute feed: $200 off

Please inquire to discuss your proposal: jsdevivo@gmail.com

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