Traditional cavalry breeds for modern equestrian sports

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Before sporthorses, before targeted breeding for jumping, eventing, and dressage, there was the cavalry horse. This highly specialized animal was bred to be the difference between life and death for their cavalry officer, whether through the courage to sustain a battle charge, the hardiness to remain sound despite marching hundreds of miles through unknown terrain, or the ability to trust and protect a human companion through countless dangers. Not to mention the athleticism and jump necessary to cross all sorts of obstacles as the situation required. The 1920 video above is an excellent illustration.

Today, a few breeds remain whose historical trajectory was primarily as a cavalry horse, and these were the ones we selected as the foundation for our program: the Trakehner, the Shagya-Arab, and the Orlov-Rostopchin or Russian Warmblood. 

We began our journey into breeding and bloodlines in 2020, and soon thereafter began engaging in conversations with breeding programs across the country. After months of research, we identified a goal and breeding direction: an intelligent, graceful, courageous horse with beautiful movement, a powerful jump, and an easy temperament, wrought from generations of horses bred for the cavalry. Learn about our foundations mares and foals below.


Foundation Mares


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